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We’ve all been there (or are currently there). With a light fixture that needs to be replaced. A window that needs to be repaired. An engine that makes a weird noise. A deck that needs to be stained. Or countless other “one-of-these-days-I’ll-do-something-about-that” jobs. But we both know that most of the time those “honey do lists” don’t get done, whether due to lack of time or … well, lack of know-how. Or even worse, you try doing it yourself with results that are less than professional or less than finished. That’s where I come in. I’ve spent over 30 years learning all kinds of trades. So I can do all kinds of jobs. So you can cross “find a handyman” off your list.

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    John Ortiz, Owner/Sole Employee

    So, how did it all start? John discovered at an early age that he was not only interested in, but also really good at, fixing and improving things—after breaking them. His parents noticed that this desire and love for repairing toys often gave him greater joy than playing with them. And so ,a “junior handyman” was born. John started out helping at his dad’s small engine repair business and fixing things around the house to help his parents … and soon, his handiness and work ethic was sought out by local farmers. That determined spirit kept him busy. After serving in the Oklahoma National Guard, starting a career with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and then working through the ranks in oilfields and oil rigs, he realized this: just because you can be successful at something doesn’t mean you enjoy it. Love, happiness and desire. That’s what matters. And that’s why John started Honey Do List.

    His experience has allowed him to restore and maintain several investment properties as well as the biggest investment – his home. Of course, John’s greatest joy is his family. He’s the proud husband to a beautiful wife and four amazing children. (Oh, and he’s also a grandpa, which pretty much trumps every other job title he’s ever had.)

    One of his proudest accomplishments would be updating an entire house that was once an eyesore became a sought-after piece of real estate, that in fact sold within a week during a down economy. So, if you need your basement refinished, or your engine repaired, or your house re-sided, or your windows hung, or your flooring installed, or your light fixtures replaced or (you get the picture), there’s a reason why friends and family have said for years, “call John, he’ll know how to do it.” It’s because he’s done all of it (and more) for years.